"Growing up as a WOC, without many healthy and effective products available for my hair and skin type, led me to a journey of discovery and creation. Becoming a mother reaffirmed my desire to take my self-care and wellness into my own hands. Bushnut Beauty inspires you to reclaim your power, one beauty ritual at a time and reveal your most radiant glow."

Amaka Stephanie Obiesie-Solomon, Founder

The Why Behind Bushnut Beauty

We know that skincare goes way beyond caring for your skin. Your beauty plan starts with your Why. The ingredients you choose to put on your skin, the rituals you perform for your skin, and the integrity behind the formulas you use.

At Bushnut Beauty, Our Why Aligns With Yours.

We begin with the creation of truly innovative, custom skincare formulations. Our exclusive formulas contain hand-harvested, fair trade, and ethically sourced ingredients from independent women cooperatives in indigenous communities and local farms. The exotic and rare naturals we select are multi-functional, high-performance, and chosen to offer the greatest benefit to your skin. We use only unrefined, pure botanical extracts, oils, and butters, and all of our products are free from fillers and synthetics.

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Community Is At The Heart Of Bushnut Beauty

Our formulations are developed to meet the needs and desires of the feedback we receive from our valued customers. We dream that everyone who uses Bushnut loves and cherishes the products they use on their skin. That you look forward to your beauty ritual and no longer settle for less than you deserve.

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The Bushnut Beauty Ritual Mission

Our mission with the Bushnut Beauty Ritual is to take the guesswork out of choosing the best products for your skin. We put the focus on outstanding ingredients and bespoke rituals to simplify your self-care and allow you to feel like your best self.

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The Bushnut Beauty Values

At Bushnut Beauty, we believe in the power of intentional self-care to help restore balance and maintain a more sustainable, harmonious flow. Taking exquisite care of yourself and your skin allows you to tap into sacred creativity and energy that is far more powerful than drawing from an empty cup. Live, multi-tasking botanicals are one of the best allies in helping you reconnect with your true essence and radiate your unique glow.

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When You Buy Bushnut

When you buy Bushnut, you are purchasing more than skincare. You are investing in an experience, helping to support sustainable biodiversity, healthy ecosystems, and women's entrepreneurship in indigenous communities around the globe, as well as the wellness of your skin and planet.

Discover your supernutural glow with Bushnut Beauty.

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