After witnessing the grave injustices women face on a global scale, I sought a simple way to offer a sense of healing and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit of women everywhere. Creating the Bespoke Bushnut Beauty Ritual is a way to support women worldwide to understand the importance of self-care and take wellness into their own hands.

⎯⎯⎯ Founder’s Skin Story

Modern Skin Issues, Ancestral Wisdom

As a woman of color with sensitive-skin prone to dryness and hyper-pigmentation, Amaka always longed for nourished, blemish-free skin. But the serums, creams and lotions she turned to for healing contained questionable chemicals and ingredients that left her skin more compromised and less able to heal itself.

As a first-generation American with Nigerian roots, Amaka’s introduction to natural skincare came early in life.

Growing up, she was intrigued by her grandmothers’ elaborate beauty rituals with homemade botanicals like shea and cocoa butter.

But it was when she became a mother that her appreciation for these indigenous ingredients and rituals grew and deepened, establishing a sacred connection of body and mind that gave birth to Bushnut Beauty.

When I became pregnant with my first-born son, I yearned for healthy and effective skincare that no longer jeopardized my health and well-being. For years, I searched for a skin care line suitable for my skin type – that was free of harmful chemicals and could be traced back to natural ingredients and formulated in America.

⎯⎯⎯ Founder’s Skin Care Journey

From Discovery to Transformation

Through her journey of discovery, she connected back to her ancestral roots and began to find local apothecaries to custom-make her personal care products, using indigenous ingredients from Africa, India and South America.

As an attorney and working mother, the tiny moments of luxury with her newfound plant allies would make the world disappear in between courtrooms, depositions and school runs.

Overtime, not only did her skin visibly transform, but her love and appreciation for intentional self-care rituals grew and deepened, improving her overall well-being.

Connecting with these indigenous ingredients and sacred self-care practices became a means for me to reclaim my time, my energy, my peace and my power.

⎯⎯⎯ Founder’s New Story of Wellness

Modern Formulations, Traditional Methodology

After witnessing her own skin and wellbeing transform, Amaka sought a simple way to offer this same sense of healing and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit of women everywhere.

Through this intention to embody the spirit of change, she merged the art of modern handcrafted beauty formulation with indigenous methodology as a way to support different cultures across the globe, as well as individual women right at home.

Bushnut was born to pass down a new story of wellness. One that seeks to take empowerment through self-care beyond surface beauty and into the hands of women everywhere.

My dream is for Bushnut Beauty to not only make your skin come alive through premium botanical skinfood, but to also make you fall in love with the ritual of skincare so you can reveal your most radiant glow…your ‘supernutural glow’. Showstopping self-care and natural beauty that promotes healing and activism. That's what it's all about.